Friday, August 7, 2009


I signed up for - which appears to be a sort of social networking/wine education/wine purchasing resource. Boozy Facebook. I browsed it today at work at about 6:30 PM. Yes I just said 6:30 PM, on a FRIDAY. I might need a whole bottle of wine to come down from that one.

The website is pretty cool, if not a little overwhelming. My favorite part so far has been to read some of the forum postings, though I suspect I have not begun to scratch the surface of what this site can do for a budding oenophile like myself. I see modules for searching wines, writing reviews, managing your cellar and wish list, and massive amounts of other data about wine and wineries. I work in technology for a living. Data is my friend.

Become my friend on Snooth! My username is, of course, Charlotte Wine Girl.

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