Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Serious Conundrum

We stopped by Bentley's on 27 the other night - I have always loved that place. I have such wonderful memories of introducing my hubby to my parents for the first time there, after we had been dating a few months. We also had our engagement party there with his family the day we got back from Ohio - my hometown where he proposed.

It was a really hot night, and I was in the mood for a nice white wine, but no specific cravings. As I was perusing the list, I actually saw a bottle of Conundrum in the wine fridge behind the bar. I suddenly recalled a former coworker mentioning to me that he and his wife just love to treat themselves with a bottle of Conundrum. This was about 4 years ago...how I recalled that nugget of info I will never know. So I went for it. And...

....I thought it was HORRIBLE!! It was everything I hate about white wine - sticky and syrupy and just tasted like some kind of fruit juice with extra sugar dumped in. I tried very hard to find redeeming qualities. I sniffed it very deeply, and I did get a very strong peach bouquet. Too strong. And the flavor lingered in my mouth way longer than expected. I'm sure there were some oaky flavors under there somewhere, but the sucrose film in my mouth made it impossible to detect.

This is a really popular wine, right? Am I overreacting?

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