Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sorry Mimosa - I Did It

So on my way out of work yesterday, I passed this sign in front of Mimosa Grill, and thought - this would be a great note for my blog!

I've had some really great meals there (mostly lunches) but only one dinner there, on my 23rd birthday. I've done many - too many - happy hours there, as this is the quintessential watering hole for the banker crowd. I'll never forget, or remember if we're being honest, the time I had 5 glasses of merlot after work and got lost walking home to my apartment. I think I slumped down on the street in front of Picasso's, when a good samaritan came to my rescue and pointed me in the right direction. Three years later that good samaritan is one of my best girlfriends in Charlotte! Not directly as a result of that night, but we laugh about it now. "I think you were the girl I saw on sitting on the street...."

So, today, I passed the sign again on my way out and...the attached sheet with the wine information was gone. I looked down and noticed it had fallen off the board and onto the floor. I spun my head around 360 degrees to ensure nobody was watching me, and I TOOK THE SHEET. I folded it in half and stuffed it in my bag and hightailed it out of there.

Why did I do this? I don't know - I have issues. I could have tried to re-stick it, or return it to the hostess, or ignore it altogether. But because of those deep-seeded issues, I can deliver this news to you:

Cakebread Merlot: Normally $118. Saturday Nights: $55
El Molino Chardonnay: Normally $125. Saturday Nights: $55
La Giaretta Amarone: Normally $108. Saturday Nights: $48
Frias Cabernet 1995: Normally $135. Saturday Nights: $65. This is the one I'm trying first.

I could go on - the list is long. And it's not just the $100+ bottles either. I noticed a J.Lohr Petite Syrah discounted from $49 to $25, and many others in this price range. However, I want to grab my hubby and two friends and go for one of the nicer bottles I would never usually spring for.

So I might be slightly mental, but don't say it never paid off for ya!

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